ABC Associates Web-Work Program Publisher Task Fee Schedule to Advertise product links

This ABC Associates Program Publishing Task Fee Schedule to Advertise Product Links of registered and subscribed merchants on is part of the Publisher License Agreement that governs your participation in the ABC Associates Program Web-work. This Schedule describes the Publishing Task fee to advertise products and rates you may earn as a publisher in the Program. It also describes the limitations that apply to earning publishing Task fees on certain Products. From time to time, we may modify this Schedule in accordance with the Publisher License Agreement. All capitalized terms used below that are not defined on this page have the meanings given to them in the Publisher License Agreement.

During every working day (Monday-Friday) of the calendar month, you may earn publishing Task fees for Advertising Links. Most publishing fees are calculated as a percentage of Advertising Links based on the tables below and are subject to the limitations described in the Limitations on Publishing Task Fee Rates for Certain Products" section below. The publishing Task fee rates you may earn will vary depending on the number and category of Products/Merchants or downloaded (as applicable) in a given during every working day (Monday-Friday) of calendar month that constitute Advertising Links. We will determine the classification of Products in each category set forth in Table 1 below or otherwise described on this page.

1. Standard Publishing Task Fees

The Program's standard publishing task fee structure, applicable to advertising links made through Special Links, is described in Tables 1 and 2 below.

TABLE 1 – Fixed Publishing Task Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories
TABLE 2 – Deduction in Publishing Task Fee Rates
2. Calculation of Publishing Task Fees

For purposes of calculating the number of Advertisement Products Links downloaded in a given day, we will include Advertisement of Products Links included in categories in Table 1.

Example: The following example demonstrates how publishing task fee rate calculations work under Tables 1 and 2. If, in a given day, downloading the published advertising links of products as per Table-1 the daily payout will be paid to the registered publisher of web-work on the basis of quarterly review on qualifying percentage of those advertisement links & downloading on the basis of Table-2.

3. Special Offers and Promotions

From time to time, we may run special or limited time offers or promotions under which you may earn publishing task fees to advertise Product links or categories of Product links that were previously excluded from earning publishing task fees, or you may earn increased publishing task fee rates from those set forth above. We may notify you about special offers or promotions by updating value added services through emails, blog posts, or other means.

4. Promotional & Referral Commission

4.1 This is the another ad-on income, you can earn by simply promote or refer a unique ABC Associates Web-Work Social Commerce Advertisement & Publishing Platform to anybody or your friends and relatives & eligible to get 5% of Licence publishing Fees as a Promotional and Referral Commission.

4.2 Hence, to regulate maximum earning of promotional and referral Commission the weekly maximum fixed income will calculate on the basis of table blew-

TABLE – Maximum Weekly Earning (Promotional & Referral Commission in Rs. )

4.3 Payment Schedule for maximum weekly earning band (Mon-Friday) of calender month is coming wednesday of next week, above said table is the per forma of calculating maximum weekly earning band.